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      오랜 신뢰와 경험을 바탕으로 Humboldt사에 의해서 세계 최초로 개발되어 현재 미국에서

      Best Selling Product로서 최상의 위치에 있는 GeoGauge는 Compaction Test시에

      유일한 Processing Control장비로서 ASTM에서 New Standard Test Method로 인정하여

      ASTM D6758-02을 부여 받았습니다.


ASTM D6758-02이란

"Standard Test Method for Measuring Stiffness

and Apparent Modulus of Soil and Soil-Aggregate

In-Place by an Electro-Mechanical Method"



☞☞  ASTM 사이트에서 site search란에

D6758-02를 입력하면

상세한 자료를 보실 수 있습니다.



      GeoGauge는 측정 시에 주변 진동에 의한 영향을 전혀 받지 않으므로 작업 중에도 작업을

      중단할 필요없이 바로 Real Time으로 측정이 가능하여 작업 중단에 따른 경제적 시간적

      손실을 줄일 수가 있으며 간단한 조작으로 subgrades, sub bases,  bases,  fills,  aggregates,

      soils,  embankments, mixture,  asphalt and concrete상에서 75초 이내에 Young's / resilient

      modulus와 structural stiffness 값을 측정할 수 있으며 non-destructive, non-nuclear type의

      장비로서 사용에 아무런 제약이 없으며 밧데리의 수명이 2000시간에 도달해 현장에서 전원에 의한

      불편한 문제를 고려함이 없이 장 시간 사용이 가능합니다.


      귀사의 현장에 최적의 Solution을 제공할 것입니다.




the world's leading



Testing Equipment


Asphalt, Concrete & Soil

제품 목록


   .  GeoGauge

      -  Catalog for GeoGauge

      -  GeoGauge Equations

      -  What is GeoGauge?


   .  Presentation

      -  Introduce for GeoGauge

      -  Background & Theory for GeoGauge

      -  Principle of Operation for GeoGauge

      -  Typical Stiffness Values As Measured with the Humboldt GeoGauge

      -  Standard Test Method for Stiffness QC-QA Rev6

      -  Viable & Practical Stiffness Based In-Place QC Testing of Compacted Subgrade Material

      -  Current Users of the GeoGauge

      -  Comparison of Modulus Values Using Various Devices

      -  Evaluation of the GeoGauge on NM44

      -  FHWA's Pooled Fund Study of the GeoGauge

      -  General Statement on the Effective Variability of Subgrade on Pavement Life

      -  GeoGauge Use in Chemical Soil Stabilization Projects

      -  GeoGauge Related Documents

      -  Introduction to Soil Modulus

      -  Laboratory Evaluation of the GeoGauge

      -  Pavement Variability Study for SPR 2(212)

      -  Quasi-Static Load Tests



   .  Technical Information

      -  Principle of Operation for GeoGauge

      -  Stiffness Based Compaction QC of a Granular Subgrade

      -  Test Method for Using GeoGuage as an In-Place Index of CBR

      -  Micro-Cracking a Cement Treated Roadway Base to Minimize Shrinkage Cracks

      -  A Practical Field Gauge for Compaction Process Control Via Mechanistic

         Parameters - In-Place Stiffness & Modulus

      -  Typical Test Plans for GeoGauge

      -  The Relationship Between Stiffness & Modulus

      -  Proposed Approaches Developing Methods of Evaluation Compaction with GeoGauge

      -  Case Study of Mangum Asphalt

      -  Comparison of GeoGauge with In-Place Quasi-Static Plate Load Tests

      -  Comparison of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer with Other Tests

         During Subgrade and Granular Base Characterization in Minnesota

      -  Evaluation of GeoGauge on Dry Cohesion less Silica Sand in a Cubical Test Bin

      -  Evaluation of In-Situ Resilient Modulus Testing Techniques

      -  Evaluation of GeoGauge on Soil-Fly Ash-Cements Mixtures

      -  GeoGauge & CBR Related Via Modulus

      -  Geomechanical Analysis of Unbound Pavements Based on Shakedown Theory

      -  MnDOT Overload Field Tests of Standard and SIDD RCP Installations

      -  Report Estimating Dry Density From Soil Stiffness & Moisture Content

      -  Subgrade Equilibrium Water Content and Resilient Modulus for UK Clays

      -  Test Results Evaluation of GeoGauge on New Mexico Route 44



   .  For GeoGauge User

      -  GeoGauge User Manual

      -  Calibration Guide for GeoGauge

      -  Data Download Guide

      -  Verifier Mass Guide

      -  EPROM reinsertion guide for GeoGauge - version 1.5

      -  Guide to the Field Verification of the GeoGauge's Calibration

      -  GeoGauge Template Description

      -  GeoGauge Template Description -  Data Sample

      -  Recommended GeoGauge Data Sheet

      -  GeoGauge Clock Adjustment Guide





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