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Hanmi Corporation


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     Type of Business


     Hanmi Corporation is one of the leading foreign trading agents and is proud of having

     contributed to date to development of domestic industries by introducing advanced

     technologies from foreign industrialized nations, for their wide applied use in KOREA.



     Market Served


     Scientific and industrial community is served through an established network of

     7 independents domestic distributor and covered the whole country by our selves.

     Hanmi's main business is manufacturer's representation and engineering service.





     November 3 rd in 1996



     Financial Year


     January 1 st to December  31 st



     Handling Items & Principals


      BA Messtechnik GmbH( Formerly a company of BRUNO RICHER ) / Germany


Rotating Laser Gauge

up to 450 mm Diameter at 800 ºC

Round, Angle and Complex Profiles

Laser Diameter Gauge

Contact Thickness Measurement

Cable Tie Detector

High Frequency Spark Tester

 High Voltage Spark Tester


      Carli Electro Automation GmbH / Germany


      Fluid Power Energy / U.S.A.


Thermostatic Control Valves



      H.-D. RUDOLPH GmbH / Germany

       Humboldt Manufacturing Co. / U.S.A.


Asphalt Testing Equipment

Cement and Concrete Testing Equipment

Soil Testing Equipment

Compaction Control

General Miscellaneous

Advanced Geotechnical

Moisture/Density Gauges


      Manufacturing Technology, Inc. / U.S.A.


Friction welding Machine for dissimilar metals

such as

aluminum to steel

copper to aluminum

titanium to copper and

nickel alloys to steel


      PreciMeter AB / Sweden


Laser Displacement and Vibration Measurement System

Industrial Automation

Customizing Service

Molten Metal Level Control System


      Shenyang Blower Works / China




Fan and Heat Exchanger


      Sress Relief Engineering Company / USA


Formula 62

Vibration Sress Relief Equipment


      TEC - Materials Testing Division / U.S.A.


   Miniature Advanced X-Ray Diffration System

The TEC 4000 X-ray Diffraction System

         The Model 680 Distancing and Spotting Laser


      TM Electronics, Inc. / U.S.A.

Leak and Leak Flow Testers

Leak and Leak Flow Test Systems

Package Testers

Fixtures and Accessories




Valve and Control System



 Hanmi Corporation


#126, D-Dong, 281, Hyeomnyeok-Ro,

Shiheung-City, Gyeonggi-Do, 429 – 453, KOREA


Phone :  82 - 31 - 497 - 4624 / Fax :  82 - 31 - 497 - 4644




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