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Portable x-ray Residual Stresses Analysis



     Residual Stresses & Retained Austenite이란?


     잔류응력이란 절삭, 압연, 단조, 가열, 냉각, 열 처리, 용접, 도금 등으로 인한 급격한 환경 변화로

     금속이나 세라믹 등에 생기는 불 균일한 소성 변형의 결과로서 금속 내에 발생한 응력( Stress )을

     말한다.  잔류 오스테 나이트( retained austenite )란 담금질된 철강 속에서 오스테나이트 조직의

     일부가 변태되지 않고 남아 있는 것을 말한다.


     TEC사에서 생산하여 공급되고 있는 X-Ray Diffraction analysis (XRD) systems은 비교적

     커다란 부분품( large components )들도 섹션( without the need for sectioning )을 나눌 필요가

     없이 바로 측정 분석할 수가 있으며 베어링, 스프링 및 기어등의 잔류 오스테나이트( retained

     austenite :  담금질된 철강 속에서 오스테나이트 조직의 일부가 변태되지 않고 남아 있는 것 )를

     5분 이내에 측정할 수가 있다.


☞☞  Residual Stress Measurement DATA for Propeller Blades and Stresses


For Residual Stress Analysis

Retained Austenite Analysis


ASTM E1426

SAE J784a

Metals & Ceramics

Depth Profiling

Multiple exposure technique


SAE SP - 453

Bearings, gears and other

close tolerance components

4 - peak analysis

Correction for carbides

Component Quality

Process Control

Prolong fatigue life

Increase component strength

Decrease component weight

Reduce component failures

Eliminate needless manufacturing steps

Analyze effects of manufacturing steps

Fine tune process parameters




      Residual stress and retained austenite measurements have been performed by TEC

      for a wide variety of processes, parts and materials.  The following tables list many examples.




      welding,  forging,  rolling,  shot peening,  machining,  casting,  grinding,

      cold working,  extruding,  heat treating


Application Parts

Application Materials


      -  automotive and aerospace components

      -  engine and transmission components

      -  components

      -  armaments & missiles

      -  electric motor components

      -  biomedical components

      -  wheels

      -  springs

      -  pipes & structures

      -  tools & dies

      -  test coupons

      -  pumps

      -  drills & fasteners, etc.

Alumina,  Alpha iron,  Brass,

Case iron,  Chromium,  Copper,

Tin,  Nickel,   Silicon nitride,

Tungsten carbide,  Carbon steels,

Silicon carbide,  Alloy steels,

Aluminum alloys,  Titanium alloys,

Cobalt alloys,  Uranium alloys,

Nickel alloys,  Zirconium alloys,

Austenitic,  ferritic

and martensitic stainless steels



Materials Testing Division


The TEC 4000 X-ray Diffraction System

Portable x-ray Residual Stresses Analysis


All Manufacturing Processes

such as

Welding, Casting, Heat Treating, Electroplating,

Grinding, Quenching, Machining and Shot Peening


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  Technical Information


   -  X-Ray Diffraction Using the Sin2Psi Technique

   -  Superior Stress Measurements on Aluminum and its Alloys

   -  X-Ray Stress Analysis in Titanium Alloy

   -  Improvements in Residual Stress Determination

      Through the Use of Psi-Angle Oscillation

   -  Retained Austenite Mesaurements

      Using X-Ray Diffraction Techniques

   -  Retained Austenite Measurement Repeatability Tests Welds

   -  X-Ray Diffraction as an NDE Technique

   -  Correlation of Residual Stress to Bearing Condition

   -  Focusing Circle Errors in X-Ray Residual Stress

      Measurements of Nickel-Based Materials

   -  Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Studies of Residual Stresses

      in Weldalite Welds

   -  How to Read the Residual Stress Report





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